The building

The area is composed of 8 buildings, forming a horseshoe: at the very heart there are the Tower Campus, a structure of 25 metres of height, divided into 7 floors, and a building of 3 floors called Tower Palace. A terrace connects the two buildings.

  • the TOWER arranged into 7 floors and a total of 77 rooms of which 13 triple, 37 double, 23 single and 4 rooms suitable for disabled;
  • the PALACE arranged into 3 floors with 15 rooms of which 2 quadruple, 3 triple, 7 double and 3 single
    and a multifunctional room.

Each room is provided with a private bathroom.

The Tower Campus is surrounded by public gardens, a green space available for everyone!

The rooms

The multifunctional room


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Services included

Private bathroom

Self-service washing machine

Free WI-FI

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