Art. 1 | Access to the building

  1. Young people, students, workers, international students, scholars, researches and professors of the University of Forlì are welcome in our structure.

Art. 2 | Room assignment

  1. The tenant is given the right to stay in the assigned room, equipped with furniture. The cleaning and integrity of the room is the tenant’s responsibility.
  2. The tenant is given a key to access the building. In case of loss, the tenant should report it at the reception desk, and is asked to pay for the cost of its substitution, which amounts to €20,00 (twenty/00) for the key (including the cost for the lock change). The same cost is applied in case the key is seriously damaged.

Art. 3 | Use of the room and common spaces

  1. The tenant is expected to behave in a way so as not to disturb or hurt the other tenants and is asked to promptly report any damage caused to the assigned room or to the common places.
  2. The abandoned dishes/clothes in the kitchens ore in common areas will be taken by the staff.
  3. The tenant is expected to avoid thefts, fires or other dangerous situations, which may result in risks also for the other tenants. In case of thefts of personal objects or damages caused to the tenant by third person, the renter declines any responsibility.
  4. The tenant should take care and clean the assigned room.
  5. The tenant is also held responsible for the integrity and the cleaning of the common spaces adjacent to his/her own room.
  6. The tenant is asked to allow access to staff and technicians appointed by the renter, and to let them carry out maintenance services.
  7. The tenant should observe the general rules of the building.
  8. The tenant is asked to wear the mask as per DPCM(02/03/2021) in common areas.

Art. 4 | Inspections

  1. Authorized staff is entitled to carry out ordinary controls to verify the status of the single rooms and the common rooms between 9am and 13pm and between 3pm and 7pm without previous notice. In case the tenant is absent, the authorized staff accesses the room with a copy of key and leave a report of the control. In the event of a negative report, an extraordinary control will be performed within 7 days. Further controls may take place according to the most suitable procedures chosen by the renter.
  2. At the end of the contract or at latest 48 hours after it a detailed control will be performed to check the room condition. In case of a positive outcome, the deposit will be given back, according to the Art. 3; otherwise, the deposit will be withheld to cover the cost of damage or of cleaning. In the event the due amount exceeds the deposit, the tenant is supposed to pay the exceeding sum within 10 days from the reception of communication.
  3. Authorized staff is entitled to access the room for serious reasons.
  4. By accepting the general rules, the tenant agrees to let in the room the authorized staff, as described above.

Art. 5 | Safety and Fire Safety Measures

It is highly forbidden to:
  1. Leave the room to a third party;
  2. Accommodate non-assigned people from 11 pm to 9 am;
  3. Disturb the other tenants: especially before 9 am and after 11 pm, any kind of noise must be avoided;
  4. Privately use common spaces or areas;
  5. Remove, introduce or move any piece of furniture in the common rooms or in the assigned room, unless explicitly authorized;
  6. Smoke in any room;
  7. Install further wires or wall sockets or modify any system of the room and use unsuitable multiple sockets;
  8. Use any kind of stoves, air conditioning units or electronic devices, except for personal care appliances;
  9. Cook or heat food in the rooms;
  10. Drill with nails or writing on walls, doors or furniture;
  11. Keep pets within the building or in the external areas;
  12. Keep flammable material or radioactive substances in the rooms or in the common spaces;
  13. Keep any kind of weapon;
  14. Possessing and using alcohol and drugs inside the facility;
  15. Throw materials that clog the water pipes;
  16. Place on terraces or window sills any object that may result in a danger for pedestrians or whose presence is not allowed by the municipal regulations;
  17. Throw garbage outside the recycling bins;
  18. Throw out cigarette butts or other objects from windows or terraces;
  19. Carry out maintenance works;
  20. Place cars, motorcycles or bicycles outside the designated place;
  21. Keep candles in the room;
  22. To dry the laundry outside the window;
  23. Use clotheslines inside rooms or common areas;
  24. To remove sensors from the fire alarm, to remove battery and attach foreign objects to the sensors;
  25. Leave bicycles in the storage spaces beyond the terms of the contract.

Art. 6 | Guests

  1. The tenant takes on the responsibility of receiving guests between 9 am and 11 pm (non-continuously), provided that this does not disturb the other tenants. After 11pm, €50.00 (fifty/00) will be charged as overnight stay for the guest.
  2. If the tenant would like to accommodate a person for one or more nights, he/she must request the availability at the reception, at least 2 days in advance. Reception will check the availability and if necessary will add an extra bed for the guest. The cost is €35.00 (thirty-five/00) per night.
  3. The guests are asked to show the ID at the reception desk, which will be returned at the end of their visit.

Art. 7 | Sanctions

  1. In the event of breakdowns or damages not subject to normal wear and tear, the tenants should pay either for the extraordinary maintenance/cleaning or for the substitution of the damaged or missing article.
  2. In the event of being locked out of the room after reception working hours or on public holidays, the cost of calling and reopening the room is €20.00 (twenty/00)
  3. If the fire alarm goes off inside the room because one of the above-mentioned prohibitions has not been respected, the tenant will pay a fine of €150.00 (one hundred and fifty/00)

Art. 8 | Recycling

It is mandatory for every tenant to recycle according to the rules issued by the city council of Forlì.

Art. 9 | Termination clause

Any breach of the present rules may result in the termination of the contract according to the express ground for termination.