This structure was built in the early 80’s, it is situated in a private condominium called Vittoria made up of 8 buildings in the shape of a horse shoe : in the centre you will find The Tower Campus an eight floor structure 25 meters high, beside which is a smaller building made up of three floors the two are connected by a communal terrace for general use.

This smaller building faces directly on to Corso della Repubblica, one of the most important commercial areas of the city, and very close to the University of Bologna Campus in Forli.

Over the years this property has had various owners, in 2010 it became the property of Immobilsassari S.r.l. who, recognizing the strategic position and the need of University housing, decided to restructure and create this University Residence. In 2013, 77 rooms (14 triple, 40 doubles and 23 single ) were finalized. Each floor has two cooking areas for everyday use. All rooms have their own private bathroom.

The Tower building is fully functional, while the smaller building, another 15 rooms, together with a cafeteria, a laundry area and other services deemed useful for study and socializing , are still being projected.

Efficiency, comfort and security are the aims of this project.

Inside the Tower we have four fully equipped rooms without architectural barriers for students with special needs.

The Tower Campus has an ample and well looked after garden where you can find a small bar offering snacks and beverages.