Art. 1 - Requirements for access to housing services

1. They can access the leased students and doctoral candidates enrolled at the University of Forlì and students enrolled ........................................................................
participants in various international mobility projects linked to the University of Forlì and fellows, fellows, researchers and teachers who perform activities at the University of Forlì.

Art. 2 - Delivery of local leased

1. The conductor takes delivery, complete with furniture and equipment, a lodging place of integrity and cleaning becomes responsible as the depositary.
2. The Tenant receives a / a badge / key (b / c) that allows access to the residence. In case of loss or theft of / the b / c the assignee must deliver to the concierge a statement of loss or theft report and to pay the costs for the cost of its replacement set at € ...... ..for the badge and, in ............... for keys (including cost for changing the lock). The same amounts are applied in case of damage that invalidates the / the b / c.

Art. 3 - Use of local duct

1. The Tenant is required to adopt a behavior that does not disturb or damage to other conductors and third parties. It 'held, also, to give prompt notice of any damage caused to the local duct and common areas.
2. The Tenant is obliged to observe the normal precautions are taken to prevent theft, fire and other hazards for themselves and for others. The lessor declines all responsibility in case of theft of personal effects and damage caused by third parties to the conductor.
3. The Tenant must ensure the conservation and cleaning of the room or accommodation, as the depositary.
4. The Tenant is also co-responsible of the integrity and cleaning of common relevance of their accommodation.
5. The Tenant shall allow access to authorized by the lessor to professionals and maintenance services for carrying out any technical measures.
6. The Tenant must comply with the Regulations of the Condominium Stable.

Art. 4 - Controls

1. They can be made by authorized personnel, routine checks programmed within the time slots 9: 00-12: 00 and 14: 00-18: 00 and without notice individual, in order to verify the condition of, common areas and their contents as well as compliance with this Regulation. If the conductor is not present, those in charge, with a copy of / the b / c, leave inside the accommodation and / or in the common areas in a form with the description of the outcome of the check. In case of failure will be made within 7 days, extraordinary control. May be made other controls in the manner deemed most appropriate by the body.
2. On the day of your departure, or within the next 48 hours, will be carried out a detailed inspection to verify the condition of the apartment and its contents. If control is positive we will proceed to the return of security deposits in art. 3; if the control is negative will be withheld from the deposit amount act to refund the damage and / or the cost of cleaning. If the amount due exceeded the amount of the security deposit the Tenant shall pay the excess within 10 days of receiving notice.
3. Authorized personnel can still access to housing for serious and urgent reasons.
4. With the acceptance of these Regulations the tenant waives any objection on access to the rooms by the charge of the lessor for the purposes and in the manner described above.

Art. 5 - Prohibitions

1. E 'strictly forbidden:

a) Giving to others the use of the premises;
b) Housing, from 23:00 to 8:00, people assignee of accommodation itself;
c) Prejudicially disorder, and conduct as to be incompatible with the requirements of the other conductors; in particular should be avoided sounds and noises of any kind before 8:00 am and after 23:00;
d) Allocate your particular use any part of the spaces and furnishings common;
e) Remove, introduce or move furniture or equipment of any type in the common areas and in the rooms, except where expressly authorized;
f) Smoking in every room;
g) Install wires or electrical outlets, in addition to the existing lights, and still make any changes to facilities, as well as using power strips unfit;
h) Hold and use stoves in the rooms of all types, equipment and air conditioning, however, appliances of any type, except for small appliances for personal care;
i) Cook or heat food and drinks in the rooms;
j) Make holes (with nails, etc.), written, drawings and paintings on the walls, doors or furniture;
k) Keep pets on the premises of the residence and in the outdoor areas attached to it;
l) Keep flammable materials and radioactive substances in the rooms and public areas;
m) Hold weapons of all kinds;
n) Introducing drugs;
o) Throw in the exhaust pipes of the sanitary materials that may clog the piping;
p) Put on terraces and windowsills any object whose presence may constitute a danger to the safety of passers or is prohibited by municipal regulations in force;
q) Throw or deposit garbage or rubbish outside the bins used for recycling;
r) Throw butts or any other objects from windows or balconies;
s) Perform or have carried out repair work;
t) Place cars, motorcycles and bicycles outside the spaces specially prepared;
u) Introduce or hold candles or limini

Art. 6 - Occurrences external

1. The conductor, under its responsibility, can receive guests, but not continuously, from 8:00 to 23:00, as long as this does not cause disturbance to other recipients.
2. Guests must file with the concierge a valid ID, that they will be returned at the end of the visit. Guest will be given a pass that the same is required to return the exit.

Art. 7 - Liability pecuniary

1. Where are detected faults or damage not attributable to normal wear and tear, or shortages of furniture or furnishings and when extraordinary measures are necessary for cleaning the negligence of the conductors, they must pay the costs incurred the repair or the purchase of goods damaged or missing, or the extraordinary intervention performed.

Art. 8 - Separate collection

1. E 'is mandatory for all drivers to engage in the collection according to the rules in force in the town of Forli.

Art. 9 - Termination clause

Any violation of this regulation is grounds for termination of the lease which termination clause.